The Hips to the Hops - The LATEST BANGERS to hit my ear drums.

It has been quite a while since I have posted some new tracks here at RXTT's Favorites. Here are ten more songs to enjoy as we head into the heat of Summer 2019. As usual, some are older, some are brand new, so enjoy!

MIGOS - Stripper Bowl

DOJA CAT - Juicy

OFFSET - Cloud

21 SAVAGE - A Lot

BUN B - Recognize

FUTURE - Might As Well


YOUNG DEJI - Snapchat


RXCH PABS feat. Ritchie Volvo - Mutombo


Nine More Hip Hop Tracks To Get You Off Your Ass!

More music keeps being released, and more awesome tracks keep finding their way to my ears.  

Travis Scott - YOSEMITE 
(This chill track is the latest release off of Travis Scott's NUMBER ONE album, Astroworld.)

Tank and the Bangas - SPACESHIPS

Young Thug - SIN (feat. Jaden Smith)

Yella Beezy - That's On Me (This young cat was shot recently. Hope he recovers) 

YG - BIG BANK (feat. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj)

Sheck Wes - MO BAMBA

Kodak Black - ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott, Offset)

Gorgeous George - Drippy Like Us

Young Greatness - MOOLAH (This 34 year old NoLa rapper was shot and killed last month.)


Ten More Hip Hop Bangers in the Ear of RXTT

Once again, another installment of the ten tracks I have been banging on the commute lately.  This will be a bit heavy on the Travis Scott, for his new album ASTROWORLD is quite awesome.  As always, some of these are older tracks, some are FRESH.

Travis Scott - Sicko Mode


 J. Balvin - Machika

Travis Scott - Stargazing


Young Thug - Gain Clout

Young Thug - It's a Slime

Slim Thug - Caddy Music

Devin the Dude - Doobie Ashtray

Travis Scott - Can't Say

Big Boi - Kill Jill


RXTT's Top Ten VAN HALEN Deep Cuts

There was once a band from southern California that somehow combined precision heavy riffs, complex melodic harmonics, and the infectious party enthusiasm of a 16 year old at their first kegger.  That band was Van Halen. (For the purposes of this post, and for my own sanity, I will not be delving into the "Van Hagar" era after the departure of Diamond Dave.)

Everyone who likes rock music knows their big hits, and boy were they big, but Van Halen was never a band that padded their albums with trifling shit and third-class songs.  Some of the most inventive guitar-work and amazing tracks can be found digging deep in the albums.  Here are my ten favorite.

VAN HALEN - Girl Gone Bad
(This track off of the album 1984 starts off with those sweet overtone harmonics that Eddie Van Halen was so righteously famous for.  It then kicks into a balls-to-the-wall rager with some amazing riffage.)

VAN HALEN - Unchained 
(From the album Fair Warning, this track starts off with a riff that I have yet to get over.  No matter how many times I see this video I always wish I was able to see Van Halen in their prime live.)


VAN HALEN - Beautiful Girls
(As the ultimate party band ever to exist, Van Halen had many tracks that were not face-melting guitar freakouts.  Songs like this one, with that sexy-ass swing, helped Diamond Dave entertain the fans just as much as the guitar wizardry of Eddie.  These lines basically define Dave's persona, "Now, I'm a seaside sittin'/ just a smokin' and a drinkin'/ I'm ringside / on top of the world / I got a drink in my hand / I got my toes in the sand / All I need is a beautiful girl")

VAN HALEN - Drop Dead Legs
(Speaking of FAT riffs, the one that anchors this sultry track is one of my faves.  That "brown" sound that Eddie worked up through his guitar effects was amazing. Everyone tried to copy it, and diluted its impact.)

VAN HALEN - Somebody Get Me a Doctor (In the midst of all the hard riffs and drums and screams the guitar does a great mimic of a chugging locomotive, something that harks back to old country blues tradition, where the rhythm of the guitar was to mimic the rhythm of the old steam trains.  Love the various changes in it, and Diamond Dave can be heard cheering Eddie on in his bad-assery!)

(Van Halen's 2nd album has so many amazing riff-heavy rockers.  The sound you hear at the beginning of this track is the sound of the RAWK GAWDS announcing their presence.  Love how this track gets faster and faster and faster...)

VAN HALEN - Little Guitars
(The Van Halens were classically trained musicians at a very young age, who switched over to guitar and drums the better to rock us all.  From time to time Eddie would show off his classical guitar techniques, such as the intro to this track.  This track off of Diver Down is fun AF and melodic and just beautiful.)

VAN HALEN - Hang 'Em High
(A rager from the word GO.  Everything blasts forth.)

VAN HALEN - House of Pain
(Not many Van Halen tracks can be categorized purely as Heavy Metal.  This track from their mega-hit 1984 album contrasts wildly with the more pop-melodic hits like Jump and Panama.  SO AWESOME.  SO HEAVY.)

VAN HALEN - I'll Wait
(One of the albums I would listen to on my Walkman headphones while mowing the lawn as a kid was 1984, and this track started off side 2, so when I would flip the cassette, I knew I was gonna go off in my head.)


Ten More Bangers to Please Your Ears

The music continues to come, and I continue to blast these tracks in the whip on the way home from work.  Here are ten more Hip Hop tracks I have been digging lately, for your enjoyment. 

BIG SEAN - Pull Up N Wreck

GORGEOUS GEORGE - Watermelon Jolly Rancher

RICH DA KID - Plug Walk




JEAN GREY, QUELLE CHRIS - Gold Purple Orange




MIGOS - Motorsport


CARDI B - I Like It


FUTURE - Trap Niggas




Some old bad-ass tracks that I have just recently grokked

One of the greatest things about music and music fandom is that every single day new songs and new recordings are released into the world's ear-holes and there is just no way to catch it all, or to even sample most of it.  This allows for rediscovery!  Sometimes I hear a track and think, "Oh shit this track is awesome," only to find it is 30+ years old and I just never got a chance to listen to it.  This post is a collection of some of these oldie discoveries that I have been loving BIG TIME.

Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric?
(Tubeway Army is the name of the first project by Gary Numan, the pioneer who brought the extremely unnerving and awesome song Cars to our consciousness.  This track is from 1979)

The Congos - Fisherman

(Jamaican music in the 70's was just so prolific, with so many acts and so many great tracks. I never got around to enjoying this classic group, The Congos, although I had heard mention of them. This is an amazing track.)

The Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road

(I first heard this song when it was on David Lee Roth's solo debut, "Eat 'Em and Smile." I thought it was great. The OG though? so HEAVY! I love it.)

The Rockin' Rebels - Wild Weekend

(One of the greatest joys must be the early rock instrumental. They are just bad-ass. This classic, from 1962(!!!), makes me feel like I am having the greatest time of my life just because it is playing.)

Josef K - Sorry for Laughing

(I know nothing about this act. I ran across this track very recently and it hit me good.)

Orange Juice - Rip It Up

(This perfect song, from 1982, is, like many of my favorites, a bouncy tune paired with cynical and upset lyrics. Glasgow natives.)


Ten More Hip Hop Tracks. Turn up the Bass and lay low on the Treble!

YEAH. I cannot get enough!  The hot tracks keep coming and I keep blasting them in my foreign whip on the way home.  May the beats and rhymes help you out as much as they do me.  Let's get this next batch started! Some are fresh, and some are old. Enjoy.

Rae Sremmurd - Powerglide

Jhené Aiko - Sativa feat. Rae Sremmurd

Young Thug - Digits

Future & Young Thug - All Da Smoke

2 Chainz feat. Travis Scott - 4 AM

Young Thug - Tomorrow til Infinity

Future - Rent Money

Migos - Stir Fry

Migos feat. Drake - Walk It Talk It

Post Malone feat. Ty $ - Psycho