Some old bad-ass tracks that I have just recently grokked

One of the greatest things about music and music fandom is that every single day new songs and new recordings are released into the world's ear-holes and there is just no way to catch it all, or to even sample most of it.  This allows for rediscovery!  Sometimes I hear a track and think, "Oh shit this track is awesome," only to find it is 30+ years old and I just never got a chance to listen to it.  This post is a collection of some of these oldie discoveries that I have been loving BIG TIME.

Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric?
(Tubeway Army is the name of the first project by Gary Numan, the pioneer who brought the extremely unnerving and awesome song Cars to our consciousness.  This track is from 1979)

The Congos - Fisherman

(Jamaican music in the 70's was just so prolific, with so many acts and so many great tracks. I never got around to enjoying this classic group, The Congos, although I had heard mention of them. This is an amazing track.)

The Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road

(I first heard this song when it was on David Lee Roth's solo debut, "Eat 'Em and Smile." I thought it was great. The OG though? so HEAVY! I love it.)

The Rockin' Rebels - Wild Weekend

(One of the greatest joys must be the early rock instrumental. They are just bad-ass. This classic, from 1962(!!!), makes me feel like I am having the greatest time of my life just because it is playing.)

Josef K - Sorry for Laughing

(I know nothing about this act. I ran across this track very recently and it hit me good.)

Orange Juice - Rip It Up

(This perfect song, from 1982, is, like many of my favorites, a bouncy tune paired with cynical and upset lyrics. Glasgow natives.)

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