Paul Mooney laughing makes me feel good.

Four years ago my wife and I had the great honor and pleasure of seeing one of our comedy gods in person, and OH MAN was it amazing!  (Read write-up of that night here: http://5thbuddha.blogspot.com/2012/03/at-improv-in-houston-paul-mooney.html )

Paul Mooney is a comedian of the rarest quality, one able to say anything and everything on his mind, n o matter how rough, raw, uncomfortable or sensitive it may be, and make you either laugh like a lunatic or sit there in shock because you cannot believe what you have just heard.  Richard Pryor, Don Rickles, very few others share this upper strata of bad-ass comedy.

Having said that, Mooney's comedy is not for everyone.  Close-minded people will cower in fear.  Ignorant people will think they are being attacked.  Prejudiced or bigoted people will not understand why they are the butt of the joke.  This is not about whether you are brown skinned or pink skinned as bigoted ideas are ingrained into our American society, and it is the brave comedians who are willing to lay it all out, to rip off the pretty Mickey Mouse Band-Aid hiding the rotten cesspit of bigotry that is always bubbling up in the American narrative.  The fact that Mr. Mooney makes it so funny just undercuts how serious it all is.  I love him so much.

Here are some of his most recent full shows.  Please remember, Paul Mooney is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), NSFC (Not Safe For Children), NSFB (Not Safe For Bigots), NSFI (Not Safe For Ignoramuses), and maybe most of all, NSFS (Not Safe For the Stupid).

PAUL MOONEY - Analyzing White America

PAUL MOONEY - Jesus Is Black

PAUL MOONEY - It's The End Of The World

PAUL MOONEY - Race (Audio Only)

PAUL MOONEY - Masterpiece (Audio Only)

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