Ten Hip Hop Tracks I've been Bangin' on the commute

I am a  resident of Houston, TX (AKA Screwston, H-town, Da H, Space City, Hou-stoned, etc.) and because of this I have the curse of a long commute in to work.  Most Houstonians do, and it is not an exageration to say that many people have commutes that are an hour or more.  Quite a few people I work with drove 3 hours a day just going to and returning from work.  This allows for a large number of talk radio stations, especially sports talk, but that gets tiring after a while.  I use this time to blast music from my car.  This is a collection of ten hip hop tracks I have been blasting lately.  Some are very new, and a few are old tracks I am re-exploring.  Enjoy.

Travis Scott (feat. Kendrick Lamar) - Goosebumps

Digable Planets - Black Ego

Future - Codeine Crazy

Rae Sremmurd - Swang

Future - Good Dope

Young Thug, Travis Scott - Pick Up The Phone

Rich Homie Quan - Word of Mouth

Future - Rent Money

De La Soul - Breakadawn

The Roots - Act Too (Love of My Life)

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