Top Ten Baby Dayliner tracks

"Baby Dayliner, another hit baby..." 

Baby Dayliner, the sobriquet of one Ethan Marunas, has been an RXTT favorite ever since the good ladies of the Alley Theatre Costume Shop introduced my ex-wife to his first album, High Heart & Low Estate, which was brought back from NYC by one Andrea Lauer, designer extraordinaire.  I loved the tunes and would play his records at our weekly poker nights.  It has been over a decade since Baby Dayliner's last album release, Critics Pass Away.  He is back soon with a new 4-song EP titled You Push I'll Go.  Awesome.

In tribute to my main man Baby Dayliner, here are my ten favorite Baby Dayliner tracks.


BABY DAYLINER - Silent Places

 BABY DAYLINER - The Triumph of Sarah's Past

BABY DAYLINER - The Way You Look Tonight

BABY DAYLINER - Through These Hills


 BABY DAYLINER - Party Scenes

BABY DAYLINER - Critics Pass Away

BABY DAYLINER - Hoodlums In The Hit Parade

BABY DAYLINER - Shah With That

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